Best Outdoor Water Toys for Toddlers

When the sun is shining and it is a nice day to be outside, it can be really fun to hang out with the ones you love. You might want to have a picnic, hang out at the park, or watch the kiddos play in the yard. Here is a look at some of the best outdoor water toys you can set up at your house, which will keep the toddlers entertained, and may end up being fun for the entire family.


SplashEZ 3-in-1

This pool for toddlers is designed to work with shallow water, so it is a lot safer than other models out there. It can be used with children 12 months and older, and is made of BPA free plastic. You simply hook it up to the hose and let it fill up with water on a hot day. You can keep the water running after that, in order for it to work like a sprinkler or splash pad. This makes it a good choice for entertaining multiple curious kids.

  • Made of soft plastic
  • Phthalate free
  • Easy to store
  • May get holes if not cared for properly


Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

This table offers a good mix of activities for kids that like to be entertained. There is a spiral area that objects can be thrown down, multiple objects to squirt, and plenty of water in the table to splash and play around with. You can use this one to help kids learn to share and figure things out for themselves. It is constructed of heavy plastic and holds up well, even though you will likely keep it outside.

  • Sturdy plastic toy
  • Water stays in table without leaking
  • Kids can sit in it
  • Some parts hard to screw in

YoYo Watch Sprinkler Ball

This product is something that multiple people can use at the same time. It is a cross between a sprinkler and a beach ball. You hook up the ball to the sprinkler and water shoots out of multiple jets. This may be just what you need to start a party or keep cool in hot temperatures. It is very bright too, so it will be hard to misplace. It can be used as just a ball if you want to as well.

  • Comes with a 3-month warranty
  • Whole family can use it
  • Made of PVC
  • Doesn’t stand up on its own


Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

This cool table is shaped like a boat with legs. There are many bright colors on it, including blue and green, to keep children entertained and make them want to use it. There over a dozen accessories included, which you can move around and play with, and you can even ditch the water and use it inside if you wish. There is also a water wall, which has a maze, where a child can see the water flow through it.

  • Can use inside or outside
  • Helps build STEM skills
  • Has strong drain plug
  • May be hard to put together


Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

There is a lot to like about this product. It has a water slide and small pool for little ones, there is a ring toss game, a place to use or roll balls, and you can also attach your sprinkler to make a waterfall, which adds even more fun when you use it. It can hold over 70 gallons of water and can entertain a few kids at once. It does require inflation though, so you may need to purchase a pump separately.

  • Comes with a repair patch
  • Works for slightly older kids too
  • Many activity areas to try
  • You need a pump to inflate it

Rainbow Sprinkler

This is a rainbow shaped unit that you can hook up to your hose to make it a walkthrough sprinkler. It is an open space, so many kids can use it at once, or through the course of an afternoon. It can be the hit of the party or something that you just use sometimes in your own backyard. Either way, it will lead to memorable times for all. It is sturdy enough to keep using over and over, and it is easy to store when it is not inflated.

  • Portable
  • Wind won’t blow it over
  • Works well on grass
  • Might be too large for some yards


Step2 Play & Shade Pool

If you are a parent that constantly worries about the sun on your baby when you are playing outside, this toy was made for you. It is a plastic pool that has a large umbrella connected to it. This keeps the ones using it out of the sun. It also comes with cups and a water wheel, so no one will get bored when they are sitting in it. It is a well designed product that can be used even when the sun is beaming down. Everyone will be cozy and having a blast.

  • Has a no slip bottom
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Too small for some kids

Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table

With this round water table, kids can learn about nature and hunt for frogs. There table comes with plastic frogs and lily pads, as well as a cup and scoop to catch the frogs with. Once they catch them, they can launch them from the sides to the water, and look at where they land. They can see if they can make them reach the center. It also has a lazy river feature, which keeps the water moving for even more action.

  • Shape allows many kids to play at once
  • Great for learning about frogs
  • Good for small yards
  • All water doesn’t drain out well

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

Children will have plenty to do with this waterfall. You can pour water at the top of it and watch it get to the end. There are multiple mazes to set up, so it can go on a journey to the bottom. The set comes with all the accessories you need to build the maze and the lower part catches all the water, so there are no leaks. It can be utilized on either side of it, so there will be no fighting, even with more than one child.

  • Water flows well on it
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Kids can change the maze anytime they want
  • Smaller than picture

Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorn Water Table

This is another fun water table that has a unicorn theme. There is a waterfall, where you can pour water down from the top and watch it hit the floor of the table. It also comes with other accessories, like a bucket and a few unicorns to play with. This is a good item for your little princesses to play with, but boys can also use this with ease.

  • Easy to drain
  • Can help with motor skills
  • Great height for most kids
  • Must drill holes yourself for some areas

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