Best Outdoor Playhouses

There are so many ways to let your child’s imagination soar. One great way to do this is by buying them toys that let them have creative play and approach situations in whatever way they want. One type of toy that pretty much anyone can make use of is an outdoor playhouse. They come in many different styles, colors, and with all types of neat accessories. Here is a look at some of the best outdoor playhouses to check out, if you want to purchase one for your innovative kid.

Backyard Discovery Sweetwater All Cedar Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Sweetwater All Cedar Wooden Playhouse

If you are looking for a playhouse made of real wood, this is a product that you will be interested in. It has large open window spaces, so plenty of wind can get through and keep it cool. There are also a number of accessories that come with it, including a doorbell, sink, and stove. There is even a side window where you can dispense snacks. It is easy to put together and it will hold up well over time, even when multiple children utilize it. If you have trouble putting it together, there is an app you can download for instructions that are more detailed.

  • Made of durable materials
  • Comes with extras
  • Good for boys or girls
  • Takes a while to put together

Palplay Kids Outdoor Playhouse

This playhouse comes in multiple colors, so there is a bit of variation you can choose from. You can purchase a pink one for a young girl, or choose from the mostly yellow or green versions. Since it is made of high quality plastic, it is easy to keep clean. This also makes it a great material for outside use, but you can choose to use it inside if you want. One difference between this item and others is that there is a lot of room inside, so there is room for your child to play with numerous friends. It is also easy for you to see kids playing from all angles, where you can be sure they are always safe.

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Lots of room
  • Parents can easily see inside
  • Some pieces are easy to break

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Unlike some of the others, this one is easy to move from place to place because it is rather lightweight. It has 2 doors and 2 shutters, and even a mail slot. This leaves a lot of room for imagination. The realistic looking roof is something that makes it so cute and gives it a little something special. The durable plastic will hold up well throughout the year, and can hold up to the elements for a long time. It is a little smaller than other playhouses, but that may be a good thing for your purposes.

  • Lightweight
  • Holds up throughout the year
  • Smaller than others

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse

This play set is a home and a whole lot more, considering there is a kitchenette section, and a workbench as well. This means that both boys and girls can have fun at the same time. The workbench also allows for you to add water or sand, for even more fun and projects for little ones. Moreover, there is a fence and mailbox connected, which are extras that a toddler will be excited about. It is designed to look like a wooden and brick cottage, and is made of strong plastic, like others are, so it will stay looking new for quite a while.

  • Plenty of activities to keep kids busy
  • Numerous kids can play at once
  • Fun for different ages of kids
  • May hold rain water in spots

Backyard Discovery Columbus All Cedar Wood Playhouse

This playhouse is another type that is made of cedar, and it is also weather resistant. It takes longer to put together than others do, but there are heavy-duty brackets to make sure it stands up well after it is assembled. It comes with a kitchen and a walk up window, as well as some planters. The plastic parts are designed not to lose their color in the elements, which means the plastic should not break down either. It is a quaint little cabin, which will look great in any backyard.

  • Made of weather resistant cedar
  • Has heavy duty brackets
  • Contains UV-resistant plastic accessories
  • Takes 2 people to assemble

Step2 Playhouse Neat & Tidy Cottage

There are many unique extras with this little cottage. It has a working doorbell and a floor. You can easily sweep the debris from the floor if you need to, and since everything else is plastic, it will also be easy to wipe down in case of messes. There is a kitchen and a grill, where there is room for two cooks at once. The open design makes it easy to see and there is a lot of room for kids to walk around and play with others, even if they are on the tall side.

  • Comes with cute decals
  • Has a high roof
  • Molded floor
  • Instructions are hard to follow

Little Tikes Princess Cape Cottage Playhouse

This house is best suited for little girls, due to it being bright pink and purple. It has 2 doors and 2 windows, which also have shutters. There are not a lot of frills with this one, but that means you can purchase whatever extra playthings you want. It is an affordable solution and is able to be placed pretty much anywhere you want. It will not work well for taller kids, so be sure to check the measurements and to make sure your toddler will be able to have room to play.

  • Compact design
  • Great for little princesses
  • Simple and bright look
  • Too small for some

KidCraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Kidcraft calls this a modern playhouse because that’s exactly what it looks like. It reminds you of tiny houses that you have seen on television. It comes with a pint-sized picnic table, a large door, and curtains. There will be plenty of room for your tyke and numerous friends to stay entertained. There is also a large grill, which can be used inside or outside of the house. You can even paint the outside of it, if you are concerned of how it will hold up in the climate. This model is quite heavy, so you need to know beforehand where you want to put it, since it may be difficult to move after the fact.

  • Has magnetic door
  • Plenty of extra seating
  • Can paint it for extra durability
  • Difficult to put together

Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn

This is an elegant looking playhouse that your kiddos will spend countless hours in. It has a distinctive style and it constructed of wood. It comes with numerous toys, like a plastic cutting board, knife, fruit, and veggies. It also has a kitchen, porch, and a bench. It will require a lot of room in your yard for all of these things, so keep that in mind if you purchase this item. Up to six children can play with it at the same time, so it can get plenty of use each time.

  • Comes with play food
  • Distinctive design
  • Great for playdates
  • The wood can split in some cases

Step2 Neat & Tidy II Playhouse

There are two different color schemes to choose from with this model, which are brown, blue, and orange. It is a lot like a real house, since you can use the door, wash dishes, cook, and even use the phone. It is designed to have a small footprint, so it will work well, even if you have a small backyard. It is also something that works for a variety of ages, since it can accommodate more than one kid at once, even standing up. This is not unique by itself, but the width of this house is noteworthy. It may be hard to figure out the directions, but the good part about it is that it isn’t hard to put together once you decipher them.

  • Even older kids can play inside it
  • Different color schemes
  • Water can pool in it

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